Windows Access Panel

Windows Access Panel 1.0

An easier, more basic way to access Windows Control Panel


  • Mainly for novice users
  • No installation required


  • Doesn't add any new tools


If there's one characteristic that defines both Windows Vista and Windows 7, it is a redesigned Control Panel. The problem is that this redesign doesn't necessarily make it easier to use.

Windows Access Panel is designed to avoid the trouble of having to adapt to the new Control Panel in Vista and 7. This app offers you an alternative interface with shortcuts to access all the tools and functions included in the operating system, without having to dive into the folder structure in search of them.

The shortcuts are organized into two tabs (Basic and Advanced) and include tools such as the disk defragmenter, the group policy editor, system information, Windows firewall, the task scheduler and the character map, among others.

Windows Access Panel is clearly oriented to novice users, as it doesn't add any new tool to the system.

Windows Access Panel is an easier interface to access the more complicated Control Panel in Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as other handy system utilities.

Windows Access Panel


Windows Access Panel 1.0

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